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GIA candle bar

Candle/body care BRAND that engages in all thing's mental wellness & aromatherapy.

Health and Wellness

GIA candle bar
Ms. Glenda or Ms. Inez
11110 Mall Circle, Waldorf, Maryland, United States
(443) 345-7792

Healing Mental Wellness Through Aromatherapy
Our aromatherapy candles and other scented items allow you
to escape the stresses of the world and bring back harmony to you life.

We wanted to be different than other candle companies. So we
created the concept of the mini candle bar shop, where you can actually come in
and make your own candle and other items to be used for yourself or shared with
family and friends. We also offer private events so you can have a party with
spirits and food and share this unique experience with a friend or a group of
like minded individuals.

Candle making is also a good therapy for those suffering
with mental health issues. .It is calming and gives one the opportunity to
learn about a way to bring focus back to positive thoughts. And also can be the
catalyst to starting your own business and creating a new financial future
which can help when dealing with depression. Having an income is one less item
you would have to worry about.

Making candles gave my little brother something else to
focus on. It gave him purpose. It became a part of his therapy when trying to
come to grips with his depression. When he was feeling down or thinking too
much about problems it became a way to distract him from those thoughts and
feelings. And as he found an positive outlet he began to come out of his
depression and is getting better every day.

In keeping with this process to help bring awareness to
MENTAL HEALTH, and all that goes along with it our business will contribute to
helping others find ways to cope with the stresses of this new way of living.

Some of the proceeds from the sale of products at GIA Candle
Bar will be used to continue our goal of bringing awareness and help to those
suffering from Mental health issues.

We hope you enjoy visiting our website and our physical locations. And we welcome
you with open arms and big hearts.

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