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Black Princess Parties DMV

Bring Your Imagination


Black Princess Parties  DMV
Simone Brown
Washington Metropolitan Area, USA
(240) 893-1036

We aim to create a space that ensures children who love to sing, read, and dance can see themselves in the world of Disney and beyond. Our company is grounded in the values of representation, quality performance, children’s education, and hope.

Our hope for Black parents is that they are able to bask in the moment when their child says “That princess looks just like me!” Our hope for non-Black families is that they be inspired to teach their little ones about bias and what it means to be represented in the world we all live in.

Our hope for young Black children is that regardless of the faces they see in plays, tv, or movies, that they never feel that this world is not for them.

Don’t see your favorite Princess or Character in our collection? Want us to integrate custom decor or activities? We love a challenge and enjoy working directly with our clients, fellow performers, and vendors to create the most magical dream experiences for you and that special kiddo in your life.

We would love to hear from you!

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