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Spare Tech Inc.

Cyber, Certified, Expert
Spare Tech Inc.
Alex Smith

19-Year, TS/SCI/TK Cleared Cybersecurity Technology Architect. Growing up taking electronics apart and trying to fix anything with a power button, that passion grew into making circuit boards, wielding a soldering iron, building computers and mastering C++. In my undergraduate years I developed into a technology guru while sending Linksys configuration suggestions to reduce hardware footprints on their ever-popular WRT54G router while adding Vontage (VoIP), quality control checks with Intel Centrino chips in HP Laptops, or "hacking" bluetooth OBEX profiles to send early flip phone ringtones.

The intersection of computer security, networking, cutting-edge technology, and innovation has led to rapid evolution of technology; the Internet of Things (IoT) era. IoT is emerging across all sectors: Government, Finance, Military, Industrial, Consumer Products, and Transportation, Cybersecurity's role in IoT will continue to grow. 10-years ago IoT was at its infancy. In 2020 IoT devices are projected to outnumber people in the world 8-to-1. Performing in a Cybersecurity Technology Officer role will showcase my educational and technical expertise, delivering results capable of securely advancing organizational goals and milestones. References Available Upon Request

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