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Hearing Healthcare Services

Hear the Sweet (Sounds) of Life
Hearing Healthcare Services
Dr. Janice Trent, Au.D.
10111 Martin Luther King Jr Hwy suite 102, Bowie, MD 20720, USA
(301) 429-2920

Dr. Trent has a passion for helping people. She has practiced Audiology since 1984, in a number of clinical settings. Her diverse career has included 16 years of teaching and clinical supervision at Howard University, Washington, DC and Temple University, Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Trent has also worked as a clinical audiologist in hospital settings and private ENT practices.

At Hearing Healthcare Services, our mission is to provide the highest quality of hearing healthcare to all our patients in a warm and friendly atmosphere. We provide our patients with a positive experience and consider all aspects of their concerns, desires, and health needs in order to tailor a solution that provides lifelong benefits

We strive to be the best by implementing best-in-class practices, always providing a thorough examination because we never take short cuts, offering the highest quality products, and delivering superior service.

We provide Hearing Testing and Hearing Aids

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